Thinking about selling

As many of my clients know, I proselytize the message below religiously. It is so hard to be objective about your own home so seek advice from an expert.  Not someone who is a real estate generalist, but someone that understands the dynamics of your particular neighborhood (they are ALL different) and will commit the time and resources required to sell your home.

Engaging in an effective real estate partnership, i.e., selecting the right agent, will ensure that you can sell your home with the least amount of stress and ultimately, the greatest profitability.

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Know your market

Below are the latest home sales statistics for our area:

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Focused approach


You’ve been looking for months, homes have slipped through your fingers, you’ve resigned yourself to waiting until next year; however, you can’t stop looking at real estate.

Does this sound like you?  Are you feeling a little “bugged”?

This doesn’t have to be your circumstance, and I can show you how. Using a very focused (and disciplined) purchase strategy, we can locate and purchase a home that you will love.

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Exploring our parks

Our park systems have been a godsent during the pandemic.  In addition to the ones listed below, I’ve enjoyed all of my old favorites to include Sharon Woods, Winton Woods and a new discovery of Woodland Mound Park.  If you’re up for a little drive, I’d also include Clifty Falls in Madison, IN.  It was a favorite of mine growing up and I’m sure you would enjoy the trails and water falls in this pretty little state park.  While we can’t have the park social experience like the one pictured below, we can have a terrific experience in one of our nation’s treasures.



Finding your place . . . 

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Finding your place

I hope that you may have noticed my tagline “Finding your place “.  Yes, I’m a realtor and it’s my charge to find you a home that meets your physical, financial and emotional needs.  I want to focus and challenge you on that last point; your emotional needs.  Consider your circumstances, is it time that you, like the couple in the article below, make a change?  Is it time to Find Your Place – a home that best connects you to your happiness.  Let’s have a conversation.


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Bug the Butterfly

What a sweet Christmas girl.

I am so very fortunate and over the years have been the beneficiary of love and generosity from my family and friends in many ways to include gift giving.  I am sure my family considers me “difficult” to buy for (meaning I have too much stuff) so I don’t envy the person who  may be pondering a gift purchase.  However, this year my son hit it out of the park.  He and his family are animal lovers (and I’m proud to say just generally good-hearted people).  This Christmas they gifted me with a sponsorship of Bug (pictured above).

I love horses and have since I can remember.  One of my early memories is begging my grandmother to buy a vacuum cleaner from a local K-mart so that we could participate in a shetland pony give away.  When asked where I was going to keep the pony, I replied “In my room”.  I adored my grandmother and could not fathom why she wouldn’t cooperate in securing this pony.  She knew how much I would love it and heck she was going to get a vacuum cleaner anyway.  Well, I guess disappointment is part of life – that little pony went to some other kid and our vacuum cleaner came from Kirby.

Anyway, on to Bug!

Bug, is now a pretty little appaloosa and one of the many animals available for sponsorship or adoption at Sanctuary Scoop.  This sweet Bug is quite the survivor.  As an orphaned baby foal, she was attacked by feral dogs and had very serious injuries.  However, I am happy to share that with intense care followed on by surgery, her life is much improved.  If you’re an animal lover or even an animal “liker”, I’d encourage you to visit Sanctuary Scoop.  If you’d like to learn more about Bug, I’ve included a link to her story below.

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From 1 to 92

This sweet picture of first grade classmates made me reminisce over Christmas – that most special of holidays from 1 to 92.  You always hear that it’s the little things in life and this is certainly evidenced during the Christmas season.  I was raised among a relatively small number of family members and there were not a lot of fantastic Christmas traditions passed down from one generation to the next.  I didn’t start out with that special eggnog recipe, vintage ornaments, or a knack for throwing that special holiday gathering.  That being said, Christmas was ALWAYS special; time spent with loved ones, attending church and school programs and simply embracing a spirit that set the bar for love, kindness and generosity toward one another.

As an adult raising my own family, I looked to incorporate small, everyday gestures that would mark this season as special to my children and hopefully build some of our own traditions.

  • Holiday greetings – eye to eye contact with strangers, opening doors, helping with a package, wishing a happy holiday makes even the most crowded shopping experience tolerable. (A little driving courtesy is also helpful.)
  • A song in your heart – after Thanksgiving, we turned to singing Christmas songs in the car. Every trip in the car was a rendition of Little Drummer Boy (I still don’t know all of the verses.), Silent Night, Up on the Rooftop, and so on through every song I knew even half a verse.
  • Personalize – I still believe in Christmas cards – you know the kind you actually sign your name, and don’t forget extra care in the gift wrap.
  • Generosity – it’s a pleasure to do for those you love, but extend your circle.  There are always those in need and that contrast can be stark during the holidays. Remember, time is also precious.  Many people just need some time so take a little extra time on that phone call, chat a moment longer with a neighbor, exercise a bit more patience.  (Note to self: remember that last point!)

These things are so small compared to the overall wonder of the season, but I can attest that these simple gestures help make holiday magic and that’s a GREAT tradition to me.

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Brrrr-chilly willy

Okay, maybe I don’t need to quote my Grandmother, but I find it definitely takes me awhile to make the adjustment to cold and damp weather.  We just published some great tips on our blog (link below), but I wanted to add a couple of other thoughts.  If you have a room that you don’t use at all, why not redirect that heat to other parts of your home by closing off the vent?  You do want to be careful that the room doesn’t get too cold, but there should be enough ambient heat in the rest of your home to keep it sufficiently warm.

Also, if you have multiple floors and multiple HVAC systems servicing your home, be cognizant of the location of the thermostats and remember the “hot air rises”  rule (opposite of what was set for Summer).  If your thermostat is on the upper floor, remember you’re going to feel cold in the winter time if you’re spending much of the time on a lower level so adjust accordingly.  In a week, it’s officially winter so get out those “featie” PJs and enjoy your comfy home!

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12 Tips to Keeping Warm

Cozy fireplace


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Inventory Shortage Persists

2020 Will See ‘Historic Low Level’ Of Housing Inventory

This Forbes article certainly reflects the reality in the Cincinnati market. However, don’t be discouraged. There are still great homes available.  Work with your realtor to be prepared to take action when you find that perfect place.

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Step up to Mount Auburn

Fresh dig


It’s been chilly, but just north of Liberty crews have been undaunted in breaking ground “on the hill” in iconic Mt. Auburn!  The urban terrain affords beautiful views, but requires very specific building experience, If you are looking for a great urban location to build your dream home, let’s touch base.  Finding your place . . .

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